What is Redefining Magazine?

Re(de)fining Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to young women as they redefine and refine who they are. Entering and navigating through womanhood isn't always an easy process - we're in the same boat too! Our hope is that this magazine can be like a friend to you through this journey. We highlight topics relevant to young women today, ranging from social issues to fashion. We celebrate creativity by sharing the artistic endeavors and entrepreneurial ventures women have made. We value honest stories and reflections that instill a sense of hope and challenge us to grow into the women we were created to be.

At the end of the day, we believe it's about the process, not perfection.

Meet The Team

Abi Koh

Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Born in Singapore, Abi picked up an American accent while living in Kazakhstan as a little girl. She recently graduated from Northwestern University and is an ardent fan of design and code (she designed and coded this website herself). Abi loves obsessing over film, hugging people, receiving snail mail, drooling over the latest tech gadgets, unearthing stories from strangers, cozying up to a cup of tea, giving out warm hugs, singing to herself, looking at pictures of fluffy dog butts on the internet, and learning to see every cloud's silver lining.

Twitter | @hugyourlife

Instagram | @adventuresofabi

Blog | adventuresofabi.com

Nicole Friets


Although she is actually half American, Nicole considers herself a true blue Singaporean having lived there her entire life. When she is not writing for various publications, she can often be found killing a workout (or at least trying to), finding some excuse to soak up the sun, or putting a healthy spin on a new recipe. In other words, this self-confessed fitness fanatic finds it hard to sit still - unless there’s a rerun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S showing!

Instagram | @nrrxf

Website | Coming soon!

Sharlene Park

Social Media Coordinator and Editor

Sharlene finds her roots in Korea, but has spent the majority of her life in the golden state of California. She recently graduated from UC San Diego and is now continuing to pursue different passions that God has placed in her heart. She started a fashion blog not too long ago and has also co-produced a short film on Youtube (things she never imagined bringing to reality). Sharlene finds joy in traveling, learning about different cultures, and trying new foods. Most importantly, she wants to create positive social impact, whether it be through media or a different outlet of serving. You might be able to find her at a local cafe as she is on a quest to try every delicious and hip cafe in California!

Blog | Styledbysharlene.blogspot.com

Instagram | @Sharlenepark

Jessica Pfohl

Writer and Editor

Although from Central New York, Jess now lives near Boston in a little fishing village on the coast where she works at a software company by day and does freelance filmmaking at night. She recently graduated from Gordon College with a Communication Arts and Biblical Studies degree. Jess loves a good cup of tea, rainy days, the smell of water, swing dancing, songs with ukulele in them, deep conversations, and a good screwball comedy movie.

Nin Nguyen


Nin is based out in Arizona, but hopes to get out of the desert some day. After graduating from Arizona State University, she’s been busy with traveling and writing her days away. She considers herself a storyteller above all, but wouldn’t mind closing in on a niche of being a published author one day. Nin gets her kicks and giggles out of eating copious amounts of good food, trips to Disneyland, and capturing moments on her various cameras that she has named after members of the Enterprise from Star Trek.

Website | ninnguyen.com

Instagram | @ninstartshere

Twitter | @ninstartshere

Ciele Beau


Ciele is currently based out of Vancouver, Canada. She is French-Canadian/German by blood but grew up living all across Canada, hailing from the Northern Territories, to the Eastern provinces, the Prairies and now the West Coast. She recently graduated from the University of Victoria, with a major in Visual Arts. Ciele is a graphic designer/illustrator/painter and all around creative lady. When she isn’t making pretty things for Re(de)fining Mag, she runs her own art business called Honey and Heart Co., makes electronic pop music, and is a part-time music teacher. Ciele loves the depth of colours, the texture of paint, the coziness of cats, the aroma of coffee, and the beauty in quiet moments.


Instagram | @honeyandheartco

Facebook | /honeyandheartco


Instagram | @xociele

Facebook | xociele


Q: How often is the website updated with new content?
A: Because we just recently launched, we aim to update the website with new content at least twice a week. As we gain traction in the future, we hope to add new content daily.

Q: Will there be a future Food, DIY, or other section?
A: Maybe! If there is enough demand, and people are willing to contribute content, this could definitely happen.

Q: Do you have a print edition?
A: We plan on releasing a print edition sometime this year!

Q: When was Re(de)fining Magazine founded?
A: It was founded October 2014.

Q: How can I give feedback?
A: We are always open to feedback regarding how our website and magazine can be improved. If there’s something you want to see in Redefining Magazine, let us know! You can send feedback to submissions@redefiningmag.com.


For further inquiries, feel free to contact submissions@redefiningmag.com. If you’d like to submit content, you can head on over to the submit page for more details.

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