Visualizing Depression

Visualizing Depression


Photography by: Meredith Kennedy

"Depression is a multifaceted disease of the mind that is sometimes hard to discuss because it cannot always be seen. There is a subtle film noir style that shows the innate darkness that is necessary when depicting depression. By giving a visualization to the emotion, these photos give others a short glance into what those struggling with depression may experience on a daily basis."


"These emotions are rarely clear and, more often than not, undefinable from a clinical viewpoint. Depression is typically thought of as simply a prolonged sadness, but these photographs help show that there is a much wider range of emotions that comprise this disease."


Meredith Kennedy is currently a university student near Chicago majoring in Fine Art/ Photography with a minor in Graphic Design. She loves exploring new places and cultures almost more than she loves hearing the stories of those she has met along the way. You can find more of her work at or follow her on twitter at


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