Interview with Zoe Suen

Interview with Zoe Suen


Photography provided by Zoe Suen

College student Zoe Suen is an 18 year-old fashion blogger with over 25,000 fans on Lookbook. Re(de)fining Magazine recently had the opportunity to interview her! Check out her website at to view more of her looks.


Where are you currently studying, and what subject?

Kings College London for Law


How do you balance schoolwork with blogging?

I queue posts before exam and revision periods, otherwise I just try and do my best to prioritise everything! 


When did you start taking fashion photos for your blog?

Around 3 years ago


Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Movies, music, photos I find online, and people I see/know.


How would you describe your sense of style?

It's very casual and comfort-orientated. I like simple, interesting silhouettes and cuts! 


Are there any trends or is there a particular style you find yourself gravitating towards this season?

I'm loving trying out new lengths, in terms of coats and sweaters, and layering funky textures. 


How do you feel like your style has evolved over the years?

It's gotten less cute and girly, and I think I also put less effort into dressing up (haha).


Do you have any advice for girls out there who want to start their own fashion blog?

Just do it, there's really nothing stopping you! Make an effort to produce something unique and original. 

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