Color Pencil Artist: Fajr Alam

Color Pencil Artist: Fajr Alam


Fajr Alam is an extremely talented color pencil artist. At just 15 years-old, Fajr has already won numerous awards and has had her work featured in Teen Ink Magazine. Her artwork showcases an exploration into a variety of styles, with some pieces having surreal elements and vibrant colors while others are more realistic.


My name is Fajr Alam. I am a 15 year-old from Pakistan. I am a self-taught hobbyist artist who started drawing at the age of 3. I like to draw different subjects and styles using color pencils, my favorite medium. Although I come from a non-artistic family, they have always encouraged me. This encouragement gives me the fuel to pursue my passion. I am inspired by beauty and find art to be a source of pleasure. I am starting college soon and will be pursuing a degree in the commerce field. My favorite quote is "I dream my painting and I paint my dream" by Vincent Van Gogh. My Deviantart ID is


To view more of Fajr's work, visit her DeviantArt page at


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