Fashion Blogger Keshia Nathania

Fashion Blogger Keshia Nathania


Images provided by Keshia Nathania  |  Interview by Abi Koh

Keshia Nathania is a 20 year-old Product Design Student living in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has a gorgeous minimalist and monochrome aesthetic! Her fashion blog can be viewed at

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style would be edgy and monochromatic. I think black, grey or white suits me better than any bright colour.

Where do you get your style inspiration?
I don't really have any specific fashion influencer. Many people are so good with their own style and it has always inspired me. But mostly I find my inspiration from Instagram or

Some of your photos have very acrobatic poses! How are you able to do such poses?
I've been learning yoga for 5 years now and I'm still addicted to it. I'm trying to combine fashion and yoga so that people don't get bored easily with my posts.

When did you first start fashion blogging?
I just started to do fashion blogging this year actually. I used to never even think of being this active in social media. Somehow, I found out that one of my friends actually has the same taste in fashion, so we decided to take a couple of photos about our outfits just for fun. The photos received many positive comments, so we continued being active in social media.


What’s the most challenging thing about fashion blogging?
The most challenging thing about blogging would be how I separate the time between my university life, my blogging life and my social life. Since I'm in my second year now, I've been pretty busy with my assignments from my university, but I still keep updated in both social media and my own social life.


What’s your favourite season for fashion and why?
My favourite season would be summer. You can wear a casual outfit everywhere or even wear your bikini on the beach.

It’s summer, so what pieces have you been leaning more towards?
I've been wearing a lot of bralette tops this summer. I wear one almost everywhere I go. Sometimes I'll wear just the bralette top while other times I'll wear something over it. 

Do you have any advice for girls pursuing fashion blogging?
Blogging is actually just like writing in a diary. It can also encourage people to try something different or even motivate others. Don't be afraid of being criticised.

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