Interview with Photographer Jennie Claesson

Interview with Photographer Jennie Claesson


Jennie Claesson is a 21 year-old photographer from Sweden. We're really excited to share her photography with our readers! We love her feminine, magical, and mysterious style.


What do you like taking photos of and why?
I mostly take photos of people. I like the way you can create different emotions through body language and facial expressions.


What are you hoping to achieve through your photography?
I’m hoping to inspire and create some kind of emotion.


When did you start photography?
I think I was fifteen or sixteen when I got interested in photography and decided to start studying photography. I had no camera of my own at the time, so I borrowed an old camera from my father. Before that, I never dedicated any real time to it.


What camera do you use?
I use everything from a disposable camera to my digital Nikon D3100. 


Who or what inspires you?
Little things in my surroundings can inspire me. Different lights, people I meet, books and beautiful films. 


What are your dreams for the future?
A dream would be to be able to work with anything creative, whether it’s photography or painting 


What are your social media links?
Instagram: claessonjennie
Email :


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