Interview with Photographer Alina Autumn

Interview with Photographer Alina Autumn


We're so excited to feature the fantastic photography by 23 year-old Alina Autumn. Alina is from Saratov, Russia. In our interview with her, Alina shares about her photography style, camera, and dreams for the future!


Is being a photographer your full-time job?
Photography is my hobby. At the moment, I study at university and I photograph in my free time.


What camera do you use?
Canon 1100D



What do you like to take photos of?
I like to photograph tragic, sensual, womanly images, to reflect an interior in the photo. It is important to me that my photo doesn't leave the viewer indifferent, and tells the viewer a small story. Usually I do a series of pictures which represent a whole. I am inspired by the natural beauty of people, nature, cinema, a vintage style, light and color.


How would you describe your photography style?
It is difficult to me to describe my style, but I can tell about the process of creation of the photo a little bit. Trees, leaflets, wind, rain drops, water's smooth surface - all this helps to create the atmosphere of a unification of the person with the nature. Each person is unique and is beautiful in her or her own way; therefore my main goal is to create such photos in which the soul of the person will be reflected. I love and appreciate naturalness. Naturalness in everything - in appearance, in the movements.


When did you start learning photography?
Photography attracted me from a teenage age, but I have photographed people for the last three years. My muses are natural and fragile girls. I appreciate natural beauty, femininity and mysteriousness. I am fascinated by the shooting process - I like to photograph especially outdoors.


Do you have any tips regarding working with models? How do you get your models to feel comfortable and pose the way you'd like them to?
I often photograph non-professional models. I like to tell the person to be in touch with nature and therefore will advise: "Be yourself!", "Feel the wind blowing." When the model understands that she doesn't need to pretend, she can then feel comfortable.


What are your dreams for the future?
In the future, I dream not to lose touch with photography which I have now. I want to develop and continue to speak with the world through photography.

Check out Alina's Flickr and Instagram! Her social media feeds are absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth the follow.


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