Interview with Fashion Blogger Stephanie Arant

Interview with Fashion Blogger Stephanie Arant

Interview by: Sharlene Park  |  All images provided by Stephanie Arant

Stephanie Arant is a Southern California native who began her blogging career in 2012 by chance during a college assignment. By combining her love of fashion, writing, and marketing she was able to pursue a creative outlet to share her daily outfits and love for fashion. Her ‘unconscious’ way of getting dressed every morning resonated well with her audience which remains true to this day by continuing to share daily looks, her favorite coffee spots, and anything related to the world of fashion. 

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When did you start your fashion blog and what inspired you to start it?
My blog began by chance in college with a class assignment. After creating my blog and finishing up the assignment I was pushed by my boyfriend (now husband) to begin photographing my outfits with something other than my selfie cam. While I was sure this was just a tactic to “woo” me, we both found a passion for sharing my daily looks and connecting with a community that was just as passionate about fashion as I was.

How would you describe your personal style? 
My personal style is a mix of vintage, classic, and trendy pieces. I can easily go from grungy one day, to girly the next, to trendy, or even throw on some menswear inspired pieces. 

From where or who do you find style inspiration from?
I definitely find inspiration everywhere and especially in my moods. While I definitely frequent fellow blogs, with social media it’s easy to get inspired by the world around us. I also still adore flipping through fashion magazines and going thrifting also helps open my eyes into how I can style the unique pieces I come across.


What is your current career and how do you balance work with your fashion blog?
After graduating with a degree in Business and Marketing I hopped around to a few different positions and ended up as the Marketing Manager at a growing online beauty company. Balancing can be difficult but I have worked up to this amazing position while also maintaining and growing my blog. While I have my tough days of running out of time, wishing I could visit showrooms in LA, and missing outfit shots, I realize that you have to do what’s best for you. While I could try and make a career from my blog, right now the best place for me is continuing to work full time and pursue my blog as my passion. Even if it means getting up hours before work to shoot with a friend and spending my evenings at home editing photos and posting, it’s all worth it to me and seeing the progress I’ve made over the years is exponential. Never be discouraged! If you are truly passionate about blogging it will all come together naturally and you’ll find a balance. 


Are there any trends you are loving?
Currently I’m loving the loafer trend, slides, fur, whatever it might be, I think they are classic pieces and they also are super comfy. 

What are your favorite stores?
Zara, H&M, COS, TopShop have to be my most shopped stores.


What is your favorite season for fashion?
Definitely has to be fall, I’m a sucker for jackets and sweaters so this is my time to shine. 

For many of us, school has just started. What style tips would you give to students who want to look stylish yet comfortable on campus?
Sometimes it’s hard to get dressed for class (especially if you wake up late) so I always have my go-to, which is a pair of high waisted mom or GF jeans (not too tight so you aren’t uncomfortable all day) and a classic button down (slightly oversized and tucked in the front!). I also never leave the house without a jacket so throwing on a bomber or leather jacket can be a no brainer and bombers these days are incredibly unique looking so it will add a POP to your look. Top it off with some white sneakers (which have luckily made a comeback) that will make it easy to walk back and forth across campus with. 


Your closet is about to self-destruct, what three things would you save and why? 
My leather jacket because I just can’t live without one. My thrifted pair of Calvin Klein Jeans because they are comfortable and flattering, and surprisingly my western tip leather belt from ASOS because as of late, I can’t stop wearing that thing.


Any personal styling tips you would like to give our readers? 
Always stay true to yourself. Embrace what makes you unique and always be open to trying new trends. Fashion when I was younger was my way of starting a conversation with people (I was a shy kid). So when someone would say, hey what a crazy jacket, I’d be able to strike up a conversation easily and to me that’s what I found the best part about styling was, how unique can I make this outfit, how can I stand out, what makes this different even though everyone has it. 

Do you have any advice for girls who want to start their own fashion blog?  

I’d definitely say don’t compare yourself to others and just be true to yourself. You can easily be caught up in wanting to get free clothes and be reposted on popular sites, but always maintain a professional demeanor and if you are truly passionate about your work it will show through and get the attention it deserves. 

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