Photography by Natalia Yankelevich

Photography by Natalia Yankelevich


Interview by: Abi Koh  |  Photos provided by: Natalia Yankelevich

The multi-talented Natalia Yankelevich is not only a photographer, but also models for photographers and does web-design! The 27-year-old lives in Moscow, Russia. Her feminine photographs have beautiful tones and a delicate sense of beauty.


What camera and lenses do you use? For editing the photos, what software do you use?
Several years ago, I bought a Sony Nex-3 with the kit lens to take some pictures of my travels. Then I realized that I needed a portrait lens to make the result better. So now I use the Sony lens 50mm f/1.8. I edit the photos in Photoshop.


When did you start learning photography? When did you decide to pursue photography more seriously? 
I started learning photography in school, and in university I took a lesson in photography. But only several months ago, I started to focus not on just making a picture, but also on having an interesting result.


How would you describe your photography style?
For me, the main thing in photography is to get a real emotion that can be understandable to everyone. All of my subjects are about sensuality in each of us. It is the little stories about thoughts, senses, and invisible miracles, on the way to yourself.


Where do you get inspiration for the concepts and themes of your photographs?
I check a lot of works of Russian and foreign photographers, and follow different communities that post inspiring photos every day. So I have a lot of places to go for inspiration. Also, I work as a web designer, so I work a lot with emotional and beautiful photography content in my everyday job.


What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?
The best advice to analyze any creative work — sleep on it.


What do you hope to be doing a few years from now?
I hope to stay happy. The other things will come to hand.


Who are some of your favorite photographers? 
Most of all, I like staged photographers — Marta Bevacqua (color grading, models, atmosphere), Oleg Oprisco (genial inventor), Igor Burba (locations, colors, models), Margarita Kareva (costumes and style). There are a lot of great names in the photography community. Also, Anastasia Glebova and her husband make very interesting photo stories.



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